Conducting commercial activities on various international markets in Asia, Europe and America

Consumer trade

«PHILOMEL GROUP LLC»    has extensive experience and contacts in the supply of goods from Chinese manufacturers to customers throughout Europe. Working with Chinese manufacturers from provinces and cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc., our company provides assistance in the selection, delivery and customs clearance of various types of goods, including: spare parts for road transport and agricultural machinery, goods consumer goods, toys, garden products, garden products, goods for the textile industry.

Types of consumer goods:
- goods for leisure and travel
- furniture, including inflatable
- spare parts and components for machine tools
- toys in stock
- power tools.

We also carry out the selection and supply of product lines of industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

We carry out a full cycle of product selection in accordance with the wishes of the customer and delivery of this product directly to the customer.

Thanks to goods from China, life becomes easier and more interesting, and the business becomes profitable and develops.

Purchase of goods in China

We will find a reliable manufacturer for you and in order to achieve the best price, we will conduct effective negotiations with your supplier in his native language. We will definitely check the reliability of the manufacturer, check the availability of all permits, involving, if necessary, the state authorities of the PRC. Foreign economic activity in China is licensed, so more than 80% of manufacturers use the services of exporting companies. Having a license in China and being a participant in foreign economic activity in Europe, Asia, «PHILOMEL GROUP LLC»  provides export-import services for Chinese and European, Asian companies. We carry out direct deliveries from China from the manufacturer.

Agriculture trade

Agriculture remains one of the strategically important sectors of the world economy. It provides food security and is a source of raw materials for other related industries.

«PHILOMEL GROUP LLC» sells the following types of products on terms of delivery DAP / DDP (Incoterms 2010)

- vegetable oil

- wheat

- barley

- sunflower cake

- corn

- soy

- wine

- torches for viticulture

- molasses (molasses)

- juices

- dairy products

- edible and technical fats

Delivery of goods from China

We carry out the dispatch of goods from China to any part of the world in any way, but always in the optimal way: by sea, railway, air, by road. Our presence in China allows us to work at prices for Chinese companies that are significantly lower than the prices of European and international carriers.


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Competitive prices

Through effective relationships with suppliers, the company is able to provide goods at attractive prices.
Innovative solutions:

Innovative solutions

The company follows new technologies and methods in logistics, which allows us to provide innovative solutions for customers.
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Individual approach

The company takes into account the needs of each client, providing individual solutions and advice.
Direct relationships with suppliers

Direct relationships with suppliers

The company has established strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers in China, which allows us to provide reliable quality products and competitive prices.
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Professional logistics

The company has experience in organizing efficient logistics, which ensures fast and reliable delivery of goods to customers.



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